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The Tecnowell production allows you to customize the interior of the saunas in order to coordinate them to the atmosphere of the place, choosing among different types and processing of wood and accessories.

Russian Sauna

The Russian sauna (banja) is a tradition that has been existing for a lot of centuries. It is usually a place where you can be wound by the steam to favour sweating and then you can alternate pleasant jets of icy and boiling water on your body.

The Russian sauna has always been a symbol of health, mental and physical purity. In the cabin (at over 80°C) you stay from one to ten minutes, then take a break for an icy shower or get wet yourself in cold water. Un tempo si usava, dove possibile, fare un tuffo nel fi Once people used to plunge into the river or roll into the snow and then return to the hot sauna. Birch (venik) is essential for the treatment.

For the banja ritual, the twigs are used, picked in bundles previously treated in such a healthy way that the leaves and branches maintain softness and elasticity. During the sauna you can receive a massage with these twigs, whose passage through the skin stimulates microcirculation and releases anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic active ingredients. But birch can also be used for a massage on the back, legs and arms with a good revitalizing effect. ume o rotolarsi nella neve per poi rientrare nella sauna calda.

Finnish Sauna

The sauna is a treatment that should provide well-being to the body; the heatbath helps expel the toxins through sweat, enhancing transpiration. The sauna was born in Finland, where it was practice as far back as in 1100, in a hole dug in the ground and decovered. It can be performed in many ways: the typical Finnish sauna is performed in specific rooms where the temperature is risen to about 60°C by means of particular stoves. After this first bath of dry air (wich can last for about 10’/15′), the process goes on with a bath of superheated steam, achieved throwing water on scorching stones (about 15’/20′). The air saturated with humidity increases sweating. In nordic countries this procedure is followed by a bath in icy water, while elsewhere. It is simply followed by an icy shower.

Bio Sauna

The bio-sauna produces lower temperatures and humidity of the sauna up to 50%. Turns out to be less aggressive than the sauna and allows longer stays.

Soft Sauna

Who can not resist the high temperatures of the sauna can benefit from the soft sauna, which has much lower temperatures and hosts without any contraindication all those who, for health reasons, can not be exposed to high temperatures.


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