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Steam Bath Wet Collection "From The Past To The Future"

The range of products featured by the WET COLLECTION was designed to take inspiration from steam baths of ancient origin and then to go hand in hand with a current, innovative and funcitional design.

The distinguishing feature respect to the order collections is its mobility and the vast range of interior finisches options. In fact a steam bath can be removed without demolition and the interior finishes range from resins to gres, to mosaics to the most precious ceramics.. High-quality technologies complete the collection making it an exclusive and avant-garde product.

The cabins are provided with fully finished walls, a central furniture piece and a Solid Surface door frame,a door and entire fronr wall in crystal and equipped with internal showers, chromotherapy and aromatherapy. The air exchange inside the cabin, mixed with the steam and fragrance make it a unique environment. It is assembled on the existing floor with drainage. On request starry sky and light spots in the roof.

Hammam / Rasul

With Arabic origins, for centuries the Hamam has been the place where aesthetic, hygienic and therapeutic rituals have been performed. The Hamam is a place of relaxation and meditation. Over the centuries, hamams have been created in several places and many of them are museums now. Creating an hamam like the original ones would be very complicated (not impossible, though).

Today, the Hamam space is characterized by a heated marble table in the middle, surrounded by single seats and wall fountains. The domed ceiling is surrounded by lights and all the covering materials are very natural.

Steam Bath / Aromarium

Also known as the Turkish bath, it originated in the Eastern world. Its function on the body is to increase the skin temperature using steam. It is performed in an environment with a temperature of 43°/45°C and 90% humidity. Blod vessels dilate, circulation improves all over the body, allowing a better removal of toxins by means of a generous perspiration.

The standard architecture of these products is very high and accurate in every detail. Steam baths are equipped with all the devices required in a public steam bath. They can be equipped with various options, such as domestic hot and cold showers, roof lighting, wall and floor, starry skies, color therapy, aromatherapy, high design windows and doors and much more.

The sense of smell has always been connected with strong emotions. Everywhere in the world, we can find perfumes that are related to nature, from papaya to mint, from pine to orange. The modern techniques allow to dissolve aromas in the steam or nebulize them in the environments. Aromatherapy in a cubicle add all the beneficial properties of plants to a simple steam bath.


In the past it was the equivalent of a modern boiler, creating heat for floors and walls. In modern wellness centres, it indicates a specific environment saturated with hot/moist air, with a temperature of about 50°/55°C and 50/60% humidity. This is achieved introducing steam and air and heating the benches, either electrically or hydraulically.


In ancient Rome, Patricians used to create these rooms where they could lie down and have their slaves introducing hot air through small openings in the walls. It was a place for sweating, also known as “Roman bath”.

Modern wellness centres recreate this artificially, introducing hot air and heating the floor, the walls and the benches. The temperature gets to about 55°/60°C and the environment is free from humidity.

The generous perspiration allows a natural detoxification of the body, expelling all the toxins.

Chromotherapy in the Cabin


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